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Lanna Spencer
Teaching a new level of experience at being Super-Consciously awake
in a world experiencing a paradigm flux.
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Step into your Blueprint
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If you are here, you are the New Wave of Human Being, about to step into the new Blueprint of our world. You feel ascension happening and new resources moving to you and through your soul.  You feel our beautiful planet awakening and blossoming into Her greater potential and you wish to align more fully with everything that’s now available to you.  

Learn your place of resonance in the new Blueprint. Receive your new talents and skills which help you express your potential beyond what we humans have yet imagined for ourselves.

I was born with a continuity of consciousness and multi-dimensional awareness and abilities, with access to the full array of psychic abilities since birth.  From an inter-stellar and inter-galactic perspective, I speak, teach and mentor to help people directly experience their quantum potential, which goes beyond current conceptions of humanity. 

Experience. Embody. Express. Manifest.  Take action on a greater scale for an even greater good.

Learn to live a soul-driven life

  • Cultivate a still-point of tranquility while systems and governments radically fluctuate and shift into new alignments.  Hold space in the global arena to facilitate graceful transitions for all.

  • Move into deeper resonance with the wisdom of your multi-dimensional spirit and hear what the Earth is asking of you.

  • Use this infinite wisdom of your being in your daily life to manifest your soul’s highest expression with clear vision and purpose. 

  • Step into a Higher order of thinking and feeling so you can support others.


I welcome you here. 

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Learn about upcoming Energy Transmissions and Events

Your Free Gift is Waiting.  Simply add your name to my email list then click on the button below and you will be directed to download a one hour audio activation to immerse you in the loving source energies of Spirit. Brightest blessings!   Lanna

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