Audio Entrainment Packages
Relax and receive healing and entrainment as you listen to audios infused with 5D.  You can purchase individual Mp3s or

Be Well Entrainment Series

Harmonic resonance to New-Earth Energies is created within and around you while listening to this series. This album contains 21 Mp3s  specifically designed to upgrade your whole body to 5D frequencies.


Elements Entrainment Mp3s

Harmonic resonance is created within and around you while listening to this series of elegantly gentle bridging elements which unify and balance the energetic fields of the body, mind, emotions, psychic and spiritual realms.


This album includes 5 Mp3s bridging the 5 elements  & New-Earth Energies which holographically induces harmonic resonance and healing with the 5 elements across body, mind, emotions, Chakras, and Spiritual Realms.

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