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A Soul Driven life & The New Wave of Human Being

The 22-Day Immersion Studies Course


Receive a 22 session training. Each session includes entrainment and gently guided journeys and experiential processes. You will learn about multidimensional consciousness, visit other realms and planes of experience, and learn to understand more about how to work with energy in an expanded way. You will learn how to switch your perceptual lens, moving from 3D to 5D,  at will by Practicing Presence. You can go no further in any area of your life unless you learn to be fully present across all of the dimensions of yourself.

Restorative Entrainment Mp3s
Harmonic resonance is created within and around you while listening to this series of elegantly gentle bridging elements which unify and balance the energetic fields of the body, mind, emotions, psychic and spiritual realms.
This album includes 6 Mp3s bridging the 5 elements  & New-Earth Energies which holographically induces harmonic resonance and healing with the 5 elements across body, mind, emotions, Chakras, and Spiritual Realms.
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