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As a Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach, I Do Not:


Diagnose or treat illnesses or psychiatric conditions.

If you are under the care of a licensed Health care professional please continue to follow their recommendations and talk with them directly if you have questions or concerns about your treatment plan. 

I also do not make decisions for you.   

"It is possible to be authentic and follow your heart and still use common sense". Lanna Spencer 

Cancellation policy:  48 hour noticed required for cancellation of a session or session fee is forfeit.  Sessions must be rebooked within one week of cancellation for same month, unless there is no availability on my calendar.  Please do not ask me to make exceptions.  There is only one of me, and it gets confusing and my calendar gets very backed up with cancellations.    Payment is requested at the time of booking and class registration. No refunds will be issued.    Go out and make it a great day!  Thank you. 

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