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Lanna can work with you anywhere in the world via computer, phone or internet and sessions are recorded so that you can simply relax and enjoy the experience.   She has multi-dimensional vision and can see straight into your energy field,  conditions, and spiritual dimensions that shape your current reality.  Sessions are available in 30, 60 & 90 minute increments.  Sessions are individualized to provide the highest Soul support, the gentle transference of light, transformation and clarity and information to you.  

You are free to talk about anything in your life but below are some of the type of sessions that are offered. 


Lemurian Temple Journeys

Lemuria is arising and you may feel the call to be of service within it.  The energetics from these sacred fields of focused intention are of highest joy and light.  All are welcome.  Feel with your heart beloved ones.  Many feel a strong pull from spirit to re-establish a connection and explore their connection to Lemuria.  As the sacred sites are begin activated in and around the Earth , the memories of these events are being activated  like a creation song within your heart, your cells, and your spiritual DNA. Each temple site has a special place and purpose in the cosmic design and offer potential gifts and teachings that you may take out into the world.

Come and journey with me as we open and explore the corridors of Light within Lemurian.  


Sisterhood of the Rose Initiations


As new Earth portals of ascending light, sound, and beauty are opening many who are awakening are drawn to the Sacred path of the Rose flame.  Descended of ISIS, the SOTR is an ancient order of divine feminine ascended masters, teachers, wayshowers, and spiritual midwives.  If you are drawn to sacred service to the Divine feminine you are connected to the Sisterhood of the Rose  (SOTR).  This is sacred work dear ones and yet it is with great delight and joy that we are now opening and contributing to the reawakening of interdimensional portals of light and sound and beauty where those who are called may come to learn and open returning to the unified field of the rose flame and find in this experieince a calling or purpose as wayshower, midwife, sister and conslor of new patterns of domesntic policy and governance that may benefit the many.


Balancing Sacred Elements: 


A session designed to support feng shui, balance, peace and serenity for body, mind and home.

Four Attributes Initiations:  The first Initiations into  a Sovereignty and higher level of energy management and navigating making the paradigm shift of living with full awakened awareness and heart centered


SACRED PATH-Wayshower's Journey: 

What is my Path?  Finding your purpose/ Affinity for sharing your gifts with others.  Your purpose is to awakene nad anchor in your light and the next piece is to gain insight and clarity on how to bring it into focus and  express it more fully fully into focus, create, plan, & manifest is a progressive

Angels Activation 

Angels are our Guardians, spirit helpers, spirit bridgers, bringers of light & Divine Mirrors.  

Bask i in the presence of the Angels, jounrey to the Angelic realm, receive guidance, learn who your personal angels are and how to work with them , upgrade your nervous system and open into  

Conscious Transitions: People and PETS!!!   Sacred Wayshowing  for Birth or Death, includes, healings, teaching, ceremony, sound healing, jounreys, contacting guides, providing soul support, navigating and creating sacred space in all areas of this experience.


The calendar is set up so you can self-schedule and I generally post availability 1-2 months in advance and no further due to my constantly changing schedule and the nature of my service work . Payment is required before sessions are held.  48 hour notice is required to cancel and reschedule.  Sessions that are a part of a Telesummit package or session bundles must be scheduled within 30 days of purchase and used within 90 days unless written arrangements are made with me in advance.  No exceptions. If you are outside of the US and can not find a suitable time on the calendar that works with your time zone please email me and I will always attempt to accommodate you . Due to a busy schedule I do not answer personal questions via email.  Please take notes and bring them to your session.  Here is a link which you can cut & paste into a new window:








30-minute Consultation 

Best used as an introductory session or for returning clients that are familiar with my work and are studying with me on a more regular basis.  I do not recommend this for first time clients with a complex list of problems, conditions, or areas of their life that they wish to change. While energy work is quick and results can often be seen and felt right away, it does usually require multiple sessions and teaching to create a New Set Point™ for life.

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60 minute Consultation 

This is the most popular time slot chosen by clients.  60 minutes allows me to provide personalized teaching with quantum instructions, mentoring, healing &  energy work.  60 minutes is also adequate for Vivaxis sessions ,New Earth rebirthing sessions, Temple Initiations and receiving instructions from the Sisterhood of the Rose, Identifying your spirit mentors &  guides and mentors and connecting the with Sisterhood of the Rose, Interdimensional Temple journeying, and the construction of Higher energy constellations that support awakening living for you and your loved ones. 

Other Services

Conscious Transitions for Superconscious Pregnancy &  Birthing & Hospice and

Lanna's Divine Mystery School Apprenticeships

Lanna brings super conscious awareness, healing and deeper awakening to the process of Pregnancy, Birthing, and Dying.  Conscious Conception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, Death & Dying Spiritual Support services & healing for conscious transitions in home, hospital, or long-distance

Lanna is a registered nurse as well as a transformational teacher & guide.  She is able to create a high vibrational sacred space during the birth or transition, communicate with the individual between the worlds, & provide information, reassurance, & calm to attendees. Lanna's Conscious Transitions Doula Services offers the most comprehensive & compassionate multidimensional therapeutic teaching and support to family and loved ones that really prepare you for making informed and heart centered decisions. 

Birthing marks the souls entry into the human experience and the  dying and leaving behind of the spiritual realms.

Conversely, Death is also a birthing into another realm of experience.  The vibrational state,  energies and intention during this sacred time imprints and influences the consciousness and experience of the soul in transition whether it is coming in or going out (birth or death) . The energy field of parents of the incarnating  soul and the Indiviudal who is ding affects the transition and shift into or out of the body.  Teaching and energy transmissions can powerful elevate the e would Clearing unfinished business, fears, karmic and ancestral blocks, and creating a high vibrational state of peace, love and joy within the being facilitate a smooth and conscious transition. 

It is my honor to have attended hundreds of births and deaths during my career. Being a Doula for Conscious transitions for Birthing & Dying is one of the most powerful and meaningful things that  I do. 

Please click on one of the session buttons to set up an initial consultation and if you would like to donate to this important work you can use the button.  Thank you so much.

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