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the 411 on Medication as Part of Your Natural Healing Process

“Always keep your heart open to the greater multiverse and your feet on the ground unless you are planning on going flying” Lanna Spencer

I speak to thousands of people every year in the course of my Spiritual teaching and consulting work, many of whom are on some sort of a healing journey and I am often asked for my view on Western medicine and taking medications. Many people believe in energy medicine and the power of spirit to help them heal and overcome life’s challenges or health problems. In fact, they prefer it. I share this point of view completely. Whenever I am faced with a challenge or illness I always go inside and check in with myself, ask for guidance, and begin providing vibrational support to myself while seeking answers or attempting to restore myself to equilibrium. However, when it comes to seeking guidance and support, I also do not exclude anything that potentially improves my quality of life and health including using my good common sense and seeking out healthcare providers. I am also willing to partner with them and follow their advice. I do not believe in absolutes or extremes when considering healthcare options. One of the hallmark attributes of living with awakened awareness is the cultivation of flexibility and fluidity of consciousness. This is especially important in relation to healthcare and making good decisions about one’s health.

Most people turn to alternatives when life or the health system has let them down, the system is unable to meet all of their needs, or after experiencing a health crisis. Such events are often traumatic and cause people to reevaluate their lifestyles and choices and they begin to explore what they can do differently. This is a good thing especially when one has developed poor lifestyle habits or self-destructive thoughts or behaviors. This form of exploration leads to healing and self-empowerment. It is always good to keep an open heart and mind about these things.

However, over the years as a Spiritual teacher and mentor I have noticed that sometimes once someone goes down the road of spirituality or alternative healing, they become rigid or dogmatic in their approach. This is unfortunate. Many begin to feel that it is wrong, or dangerous, or that being ill implies something negative about one’s personal power or they feel somehow less spiritual if they “give in” and go to a doctor or take medications. However, in many circumstances seeking treatment or taking medications is useful and necessary and also can provide options for a better life. I have known powerful medicine people and living Saints that became seriously ill in their lifetimes and they navigated the experiencing with the same loving presence and grace that they did in the rest of their lives and they also accepted care from others. They were certainly not any less enlightened.

When it comes to making healthcare decisions, I personally do not believe in absolutes. I am a lifelong teacher of progressive awakening and consciousness and am also a registered nurse and therefore am both an energy worker and a bedside Buddha. My spiritual mentors taught me to be a spiritual bridge and to meet people where ever they are and therefore I am able to see the merits of both systems. I do not view them as mutually exclusive.

Any form of dogma becomes a form of spiritual arrogance and can impede your spiritual progress and healing. Dogma around healthcare can become a slippery slope and is usually born of fear, traumatic past medical experiences, or deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy. Moreover, the point of expanding your consciousness is to become more informed, to love yourself more and to open to new possibilities and to make conscious choices that are not based in fear. When you are being hard on yourself or you begin thinking in absolutes or stop using common sense by refusing all medical treatments you are actually setting up conditions that lower your vibration and limit what you can manifest in your life. This is not a good idea and I do not recommend this.

The fact that you are alive means that you are going to have a wide variety of experiences and challenges especially when you are on an intentional spiritual growth path. This does not necessarily mean that you are flawed or are at fault for your circumstances. This point of view is harsh and overly reductionist and judgmental. Nor does it leave room for compassion or self-love. Many mistakenly feel that they are to blame and that there is something wrong with them spiritually if they can’t heal themselves. But absolutes in thinking or behavior simply paint you into a corner and then you are limiting your options and your potential for more joy in the moment.

It is always important to maintain a positive outlook, to be patient, and to maintain balance in all areas of your life as you are gathering new spiritual knowledge and applying new skills. Changing one’s life, a specific behavior, or your consciousness, is a process and requires focused intention on a daily basis. Illumination and new insights occur in the moment but if you want to produce lasting changes then aim towards taking daily incremental actions towards this end. In this approach you will almost always feel more successful. For most it takes time to build up new habits or improve one’s health to the point where one is able to fully access and use their inner resources.

I find it useful to be grateful for options that I have as well as for the ones I can create. I avoid polarized thinking or resistance. I am able to draw power and inspiration from my guides and intuition by being fully present and then I am able to face the challenges in my own life by embracing them as opportunities to create more resonance with my spirit. Being present and working with what is, is sometimes the best choice. If you need medicine right now then change your thinking around it to one of gratitude that you have this as an option until you find another one that works.

You can also use the power of focused intention and healing sound or energy on your medications and to change the dynamics between yourself and your healthcare providers to good effect. I have performed energy blessings and clearing on medications as well as for people receiving vaccines and they reported no adverse side effects afterwards. I have also performed energy work and blessed anti psychotic medications with acutely ill psychiatric patients who were resistant to taking medications. I saw them stop fighting and take the medicines and their paranoia would clear quickly. I have used healing frequencies and blessed antibiotics and people have taken them without stomach upset or diarrhea. I have done energy work before and after on surgical patients, including open heart surgery and they recovered more quickly, had less pain and cleared anesthesia from their system in hours instead of days or weeks.

The best thing to do is to cultivate an attitude of self-love and acceptance for where ever you are at in your healing or recovery or spiritual path. Begin to change your mindset and the energy you direct towards your healthcare providers and the medicines you take rather than see them as defective or a deficit on your part if your body requires them. Appreciate them as a gift of support too. Infuse them with clear light, love and appreciation and change their energy field before putting them in your body. This will raise the overall vibration of the situation and increase the spiritual resonance between you and them. Never limit yourself with dogmatic thinking. It is a far fall to the ground when you place yourself in an Ivory Tower.

***My articles and meant to provoke thought, increase balance and awareness around important aspects of our lives and perhaps to provide insight into how or why we make some of the choices that we do. However, these articles are my opinion, and are based on my observations with 40+ years in working with clients in the area of progressive awakening and energy work. My comments have not been peer reviewed by Scientists or Academia and are not meant as a substitute for exercising informed choices and using your own good common sense. Lanna Spencer

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