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Spirit Bridging With the Angels:

3D to 5D Master Class

My New Internet Series with the Angels is Starting soon with virtual classroom, supportive downloadable audios and Optional one to one Angel sessions with Me.  Hurry and opt in on FromHeart so you will be notified of the free broadcast which airs June 1.  The Class is called Spirit Bridging With The Angels: 3D to 5D Master Class 

The Angels are among us and they have new information for us about our personal growth and namely describe 3 KEY  bits of information and practices that we could be doing that would allow us to really understand and move into multidimensionality and be able to feel grounded, clear, and fully connected in all areas of our lives.

These 3 simple but vitally important pieces of information and practices that have been missing from nearly everyone's personal growth work and is the #1 reason why much of what you have been doing isn't sticking.


The Angels call this Spirit Bridging.  My FREE show to introduce the topic airs June 1st on FromHeartAchetoJoy with Eram Saeed. Click here to opt in and you will recieve more free gifts plus be on the mailing list to be notified by email of the date, time and how to tune in to listen and experieince for yourself what it feels like to be in the presence of the Angels.  

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