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                                         "We all know what to do.  But only a few of us do what we know.

                                          Lanna Does"……..Vj Kesh, Hollywood, Ca,  Actor





                                                              Svetlana Pritzker, M.Ed,CLC

                                                                             New Human Energetics, Founder

                                                                             Author, speaker, Spiritual advisor










Here is what others recently said:

" I'm so grateful I was able to listen to the replay of Lanna Spencer's latest call as so much of what she was saying was explaining what I'm experiencing currently!  Things were starting to go so well, was feeling much more in alignment with my inner truth and soul after going thru Massive healing/transformation this summer.  Right now I feel so overwhelmed/confused/blinded/over-stimulated by these shadows that have consumed me putting me into such a state of victim hood, sadness, doom and gloom like I felt this summer when I was still so deep in the heavy emotions from traumas. Although there had been many to step up to assist me (very grateful-thank you ;) ), I feel these shadows aren't letting me receive, blinding me with I'm not worthy of receiving and throwing the victim energy all over me without allowing abundance on all levels to come into my life. I don't like this and ready and willing to integrate or let go of the shadows that don't serve me. Thank you again Lanna for sharing this wonderful information that is helping us get through these intense and rapidly changing times! Much love to you" <3SO


Hi Lanna,

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful session yesterday.  Today, I've noticed colors are brighter and my surroundings are stunning.

I'm noticing so much more life and beauty around me. Absolutely amazing!!  Have a nice night!" Candy

"I've grown so much from working with Lanna Spencer, both privately and in her group series. Her series about the angels and saints opened my eyes to how the angels are always around us and are wiling to help us - we just have to ask them. During the series, I learned about ascended masters such as Ganesha and Quan Yin, as well as Archangels such as Michael and Gabriel. I also connected with the energies of Mother Mary, who came through in a powerful way for me. Lanna gave us practical ways to start communicating with the angels. She encouraged us to ask the angels questions to build up our confidence in working with them. She told us that content and clarity would improve with practice, and that the angels like to work with us. Lanna told us that developing friendships with the angels would lead to even more being revealed to us day by day. That has happened for me. I can tell you that I feel much closer to the angels and saints than I did when the series started. I ask them questions and get answers, not always directly but sometimes through other people or circumstances that provide the answers or the "next step" on my path. My trust in the angels has increased as a result of the series. I'm also more at peace with myself." Anonymous

Hi Lanna,

"I wanted to thank you and let you know your love energy transmission sent on February 14th created a beautiful love connection with my boyfriend. His nature is shy and introverted. I have been connecting to the Love energy all week and he has treated me with the most love and passion I have ever felt. He is openly expressing his love and appreciation and I feel the same way about him". AH

SL February 14 at 6:58pm

"Wow! Around noon Central Time I had a very powerful and soulful connection with a man I've only been acquainted with but attracted to for a very long time. He actually greeted me across a crowded restaurant though we've never met formally. For a few moments it was as if we were in a golden bubble together, and speaking soul to soul. So beautiful...thank you Lanna Spencer and again", YES! <3

"OMGRACIOUSNESS Lanna, the words u used describes me. Being honest with self as alot of it has been showing up over the last few months. Or perhaps there is a willingness to see it instead of run from it. Lack of focus, confusion, intrusive thoughts, I say holier than thou- spiritual arrogance, addiction to comfort zone, indifference, failure to act, disassociation, self-centered, etc - not always though. Felt a beautiful energy during the nervous system reset, observed body sitting up straighter rather than the slouching that accompanies sitting. Thank you". Blessings TM

"Lanna, I am sending you infinite love and gratitude for the session we just finished. You are such an amazing stream of bright light and a gift to all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were very direct and spot on with my issues. I feel so much lighter and brighter and my heart is so full. I am glad that I overcame my resistance to buy your Shadow package because I know it will serve me tremendously. I feel expanded , my light shining beyond the edges of our universe. How does it get any better than this, and what else is possible? All of us together will light up this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you". BM


" I've just had a healing session with Lanna Spencer. Energy was very intense and beautiful. She was so spot on with all insights. Thank you so much, Lanna. Much love". Mk <3 <3

"Being a student of the human energy field since the age of 14, I have had so much experience with practioners, courses, and working with energies. Still, the aspect of shadow kept me stumped and somewhat victimized. With the 5D Emergence program, and your one-on-one session, so much of this energy was removed and FINALLY!! I am so happy to say !! that when I notice this energy in my field and ask for it to be removed IT ACTUALLY IS REMOVED!! This was never the case for me before and I have struggled my entire life feeling negative energies that were not mine and processing them in my body. This lead to depression and great difficulty interacting with people!! Now I am empowered enough to say " ok, this energy must now leave" and it does!!! Thank you for the freedom this brings to my life". CJ, Ontario

"Lanna, thank you so much for today's call. This wasn't a fun & fluffy call. Rather it was a work horse/war horse from beginning to end. You tackled intense energies that healers don't always want to address. You got in the trenches with untreated mental illness, sexual and domestic violence, betrayal, self-loathing, corruption, addictions. I could go on at length, but the point is that you put yourself out there to do the heavy lifting. That gave us permission to trust you, as you took us through various processes. You were engaged in your light work for over two hours. Thank you again for your generosity towards all of us". Anonymous

" Exceptional Clearings from an Extraordinary Lady! Thank You Lanna Spencer" JP

"Thank you. I am tingling all over"! TF

"Thanks so much Lanna - great releasing - wonderful vibrations - very healing" EL

 Dear Lanna,

"thank you sooooooo very much for the incredible shadow shifting work today, amazing! Thank you! CT


" Wow! What an awesome call. There was so much healing today! As you called to the different realms, Acturian, Egyptian, Atlantean, and so on as you called each one I got deeper and deeper chills and was literally shaking. When you brought in the central sun and the light, I felt like I was defrosting and warming back up. As you cleared the shadows, I began to feel lighter and feel so much better now. Much more peaceful and hopeful for the future. Thank you Lanna"!SM

"I am fully connected to my 5D self and am seeing powerful spirit guides during our class work".  TS, Wa.

 Dear Lanna,

"I just listened to the replay and guess it was as powerful as the live call! It was beyond my expectations. Before joining I called it resistance from a psychological perspective, that comes up when we take a step to evolve. Then I recognized that shadows have other dimensions.Thank you for sharing, that you are also affected by shadow.  The experience when merging with the light was amazing and comforting. I felt an awesome warmth flooding my body and expanding. My mind is at peace. Thank you so much"! CW

"I just finished working with Lanna’s Spencer Live and Thrive  5D Emergence MP3 (Package). Huge warm heart expansion, amazing visions, deep relaxation are just a few positive effects I have experienced.  These 5D Emergence audio downloads are powerful tools that provide access and help reduce and eliminate symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Hopelessness, Fear, and Resistance to change.  Lanna’s work is a proof that fast miraculous healing is possible when you merge and embody your big unstoppable Spirit. Her work will help you do just that – release your limiting patterns and live and thrive by being true to your innate unlimited nature".

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