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Two live Calls this weekend Energy Philanthropy 1-12&13, 2019

at 1 p.m. Pacific time

You are invited to participate in Two activations coming up  this weekend on  Saturday and Sunday January 12 & 13th 1 p.m. pacific time/4 pm EST… Jan 13 & 14th AUS.            Here is a url for a time zone converter to check the start time in your region.

Energy philanthropy is the highest expression of heart based awareness in action and it will not be fully expressed until you have learned to Source from the Unified field.  Most of us are in transition and can benefit from participating within focus intention fields that support a new and higher expression of vibrational awareness.  In order to shift or manifest one must be able to feel and vibrate 100% in resonance with  a particular field . 

Tomorrow and Sundays calls will include New Earth temple energies for a freer, brighter expression and harmonization of divine masculine and male and female and the morphic field of  Abundance and Energy Philanthropy will be activated in your hearts .

The paradigm shift into 5D is a dynamic process of learning new constructs, attuning to new frequencies and taking action from new vibrational vantage points. It is not enough to simply  sit and think about energy and change.  Embodiment is about taking action.

Daily practice in harmonic resonance within the fields of focused intention and light can help you move into harmonic resonance with your heart and New Earth energy  field.   It is time to learn to live and operate from within the this new quantum structure.

Please join me if this resonates with you! 

If you would like to participate  the call in information is below. If you would like to make a donation from your heart for the calls or to support my future ability to continue this work please click on the Paypal button and make your gift to Lanna Spencer, (BubbleBee) .  Thank you so much and Bright blessings!!!

January 12 & 13th, 2019 calls


Event Title: Temple of Alchemy & Temple of the Sun

Date & Time: Saturday, January 12th at 1:00 PM Pacific


To attend this event, cut & paste this link into a new window 15 minutes before the event time:


If you don't have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 903409#


If that number doesn't work for some reason, here is a list of alternative numbers, including international numbers that you can cut and paste in a new window to view:

Instagram:  #LannaBeeFree


Skype: LannaBee1000

Come back soon!!  There will be new dates posted

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