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Listen to the replay now as part of the fabulous Love Series on

Eram Saeed’s  From HeartAchetoJoy


Special package pricing limited time.  This entire course costs less than a one hour session with Lanna or Tarek so say YES and take the Ultimate Relationships course


Package A includes everything listed below $144

Package B option everything in package plus 2 one on one 30 minute sessions, 1 with Lanna & 1 with Tarek. $244


This Ultimate 3 month Immersion course for Creating conscious relationships from 3D to 5D includes:  Set of 12 comprehensive .mp3 designed to restore balance to your inner and outer life, regain personal power, and manifest the relationships the you deserve and desire.  6 live extended group classes with Tarek & Lanna working together to teach you the 5D skills needed along with group healings and activations and live Q&A . 

Say YES and receive it now!

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