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Your Soul Driven Life Begins Now!

The New Wave of Human Being: Intro to Living a Soul Driven Life™©

My name is Lanna Spencer. I was born in 1960. I am a Spirit Bridger, multidimensional seer, teacher, conscious dreamer, and healer. What differentiates me from most is that I was born with a continuity of consciousness. That means that when I was born, I brought with me the ability to retain clear memories of my soul’s journey, past lives, and why I had chosen to incarnate this time around. I have always been psychic and I have always seen, sensed and interacted with the world on an energetic level. From an early age I have watched the world wake up as both an active observer and participant. While my everyday life has been full of many intense growth lessons and challenges, I have always been supported by a large host of spirit helpers from many different realms and dimensions who have remained with me consistently throughout my life and have described the larger evolutionary picture to me. They told me in my teens that I would not fully understand all that they were showing me until decades later. This turned out to be true. I have had to watch and wait for events to unfold over many decades and grow with the changes myself. I am so grateful to be alive during this time now that my once future visions have now caught up with the rest of life. I am very honored and excited to share with you what I have learned about unlocking your true soul’s potential so that you can master what you came here to do and live a Soul Driven Life.

Planetary Shift

There was a large planetary shift around the time of 2012. This was brought about by a large infusion of high vibration frequencies and creation energies. These New Earth Energies [NEE] caused a change in consciousness in many human beings and also increased people's ability to perceive that which had previously been inaccessible or veiled. As a direct result, we are awakening and emerging as the New Wave of Human Beings. As a collective we are now shifting out of the 3D linear time perspective and are emerging with a multidimensional one where we beginning to understand that we are energy beings having a human experience and that there is much more to reality that we see with our physical senses and process with our rational mind. We are no longer separate from Source and are beginning to learn about our Souls purpose and the inherently unlimited potential and gifts that we can tap into and use to enrich life.

We are not alone and never have been

There have been multiple waves of humanity, some of which have over lapped and inhabited the earth plane at the same time. This is why, for example, there remain remnants of memories, myths and legends about God-like beings, extra- terrestrial visitors, and advanced civilizations on earth whose presence over lapped with lesser developed societies. We who are alive at this time are experiencing the beginning of what is known as the 5th wave. Depending on your understanding of this event and the level or engagement in participating you will either experience this as a time of great tumultuousness and intensity or you will delight in the naturally rich opportunities that these shifts afford you from the Soul’s standpoint and then take advantage of all it has to offer.

In addition to the many awakened and caring souls who are alive at this time, there are also legions of Spirit helpers from many different planes of existence who are also invested in the wellbeing of their human counterparts. This includes Souls who have cycled off from their time of Earth but who reside and remain in the 4th dimension to study and teach, Ascended Masters, Light beings, Bodhisattvas, the Intergalactic Federation of Light council, Angelic realms, Creator beings, and Earth spirits. Each of them has told me something similar about the changes we are now experiencing. “WHAT WE DO WITH IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO US”.

In other words, we are free to choose our level of participation and how much we want to awaken and actualize ourselves. We can embrace change, take ownership of our true power and purpose OR we can skim the surface or simply resist altogether. By making a conscious choice to be present and engage in learning more about the New Wave of Human Being we are being offered unlimited potential and freedom. The alternative, if we choose to try and maintain the status quo means that we will only partially able to access and actualize our full potential and will risk repeating the same thing over and over again while feeling left behind by life.

You can simply choose to awaken in any NOW moment so is there really a choice then?

What is Happening Next?

Since just prior to Christmas of 2016, there has been a huge influx of God-creation energies coming from the heart of the 22 Galaxies which support this new cycle of Soul expansion. These energies are very intense and has resulted in a massive upheaval to the old way of doing things, how we live in the world and process information. We can not go backwards but there are new ways to go forwards once you learn how to navigate and utilize more of your multidimensional nature.

My spirit tutors and I have designed a wonderful immersive course that will walk you through the current planetary changes, how to work with the New Earth energies, what changes you can expect to experience and specifically how to manage choppy moments during times of rapid transformation and change. We will also provide teaching, entrainment, soul support, and some brand new energetic upgrades that have never been offered anywhere else before that are guaranteed to bring online your multidimensional body and systems.

We can’t wait to explore this with you

Bright blessings-Lanna Spencer

[3D-5D and the Quantum Structure]

You can choose to Awaken at any Now moment. It begins with learning about principles of 5D living and how the quantum structure operates and affects your perception and your reality which is in fact, holographic. We invite you to explore and awaken your true nature. .

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